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Prof Wilfried ADMIRAALLeiden University, Netherland 

Technology-enhanced teaching to promote students’ active learning: Exploring new practices or consolidating teaching from the pre-COVID 19 era?
In media: Ứng dụng CNTT ở bậc trung học: Mười điểm cần lưu ý


Keith BARTON, Indiana University, USA 

Social Science Education: Innovative Forms, Enduring Concerns
In media: Thời đại kỹ thuật số: Khoa học xã hội sẽ trao cho học sinh những cơ hội gì?


Rana DAJANI, Hashemite University, Jordan 

Reimaging Education: The Case of We Love Reading


Marek TESAR, University of Auckland, New Zealand 

Rethinking and innovating education? Philosophy of Education at the forefront of “Educational Futures”


Khanh Trung NGUYEN, City Open University, Vietnam 

Autonomy of actors in learning


Roger-François GAUTHIER, Ministry of Education France, Expert of UNESCO 

The issue of the relevance of school knowledge in our time


Quang Cuong TON, VNU - University of Education, Vietnam 

Digital Transformation in Education: The Beginning from Inside the Classroom

Dr. Mai Hoa NGUYEN, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Australia

Teacher education: current issues

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